The Third Millenium’ Cosmic Polyart


«The Sacral Book of ISIS» by Victoria PreobRAzhensky

«СофиоЛогия Матери Мира»


«SophioLogy of Mother of the World»

New Book of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «SophioLogy of Mother of the World».

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «SophioLogy of Mother of the World». - 2017. - p.992, ill.

The New Book of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «SophioLogy of Mother of the World» — Represents the Doctrine of Wisdom. This is the SacRAl Science of Sophia, Her Nature and Life on Earth and in Heaven in the Absolute and Personal Aspect. Such Revelation in the hISTory of Sophiology was not yet! Even the famous sophiologists V.Soloviev, N.Berdyaev, Jakob Böhme, Gottfried Arnold, E. Swedenborg, etc. could not So Reproduce the Essence of Sophia, as She Herself Managed to Make It — With Her Thought, Word, Acting, was Embodying in the Russian Woman- PhiloSophist, as was predicted. This is the QuintEssence of the Author's TheoSophical Works, in Which Opens the Essence of Sophia — the Mother of the Universe, the Entelechy of all things and Her Epochal Phenomenon in Russia at the end of the 20th century.

The Author of the Book — Victoria Victorovna PreobRAzhenskaya — is the famous Artist, Poetess, Musician, Performer of Own Compositions, Writer, Journalist, grand doctor of PhiloSophy, TheoLogian-TheoSophist, Foundress of the «Cosmic Poliart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»©, member of the International Art Fund, member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists, Full member of the Russian Physical Society, full professor, academician Noospheric Public Academy of Sciences, laureate and diplomant of UNESCO.


SophioLogy—This Is the Word of Sophia and about Sophia from the Mouth of Sophia Herself. Everything That Originally Appeared in HER and Finally Took Shape in Matter, it is also SophioLogy. Only Sophia Is Expounding the Truth SophioLogy. For It is She, Her Breath, Her Truth, Her Light and Life. Sophia — Is the Eternal Mother of the World, Who Gave Birth All Existing. Unmanifested Sophia — Is Absolute of the Universe — Eternal KNOWLEDGE-Wisdom. Manifest Sophia — is the Supreme Divine Personality. Sophia Contains All Existing in Herself. But Her Nature Is Spiritual-Lighting! SHE — Is the SPIRIT OF LIGHT, and LIGHT — Is Her Golden Blood. Regal Sophia-SOThis — She Who Arranges the Universe. In Her Womb Auriferous were Born All That Is! Split up into Two Equivalent Origins: Female and Male, Sophia (Burdened) Revealed All Existence. Incarnating in the ages in Her Eternal Images: Female and Male, She Knew the World of Matter. In April 11, 1990 TWO Beginnings of Sophia Completed Their Way on Earth, as Her Undivided Components the Polar Halves, and Returned to the One Womb of the Primordial Ein-Sof. The Entire Monad of Sophia Wisdom, the Cathedral Soul of the World was revived after the Fulfillment GOD COITION. She Descended into the Physical Body of Her Feminine Principle and Appeared in the Matter in the Image of the «Wife Closed in the Sun», — Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. She Appeared in the darkest, most recent time, in order to Gather Her Golden Seed — the Converted Humanity of the New Earth and the New Heaven.

The Thorny Way of Sophia on Earth Became the Last Chance: to Save fallen humanity that has lost touch with the Mother of the World under the age-old power of Antichrist-Seth and his servants.

This Book — is the QuintEssence of the Spiritual-Lighting Word of the Mother of the World about Sophia, Her Appearance and Earth Way. Here are collected Fragments-Placers of Her Sophia’s Word. The Light of Sophia — Is Eternal, the Kingdom of the Holy Spirit — is Supermundane. The Knowledge of These Testimonies of Eternity — Is a Priceless Revelation of the Absolute Substance of All That Exists: of Sophia the Wisdom. In the Human Image Sophia Talks about Universal LOVE, UNITY, HARMONY, THE GOLDEN KINGDOM OF LIGHTS, VICTORIA OF LIGHT. AUM RA. URA!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya


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