The Third Millenium’ Cosmic Polyart


«The Sacral Book of ISIS» by Victoria PreobRAzhensky

«СофиоЛогия Матери Мира»


Quotations from the Teachings of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS

«About the Appearance of Sophia and Her Fiery Teaching says in all the scriptures and world prophecies. This was known to all Orthodox elders before the 17th year in Rus. And they were waiting for the Coming to Kiev the Queen of Heaven — the Holy Spirit, as It Was Promised by Jesus Christos. For in Rus it has long been known that RA — is the Spirit of Light («Holy Spirit») — This Is the Great Mother of the World. According to the prophecies, even the Dates of Time and Her Places of Promise coincide. The Spiritual-Lighting Appearance of Sophia was completed on April 11, 1990 in Donetsk. A few months later, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Appeared in the center of Kievan Rus: KIEV. And She Witnessed Her Epochal Phenomenon to the thousands believing Slavs gathered around Her. People recognized Her as the Great Mother, but the Darkness began to actively reject the people of Rus from their Slavic Savior. And at the same time, in the mystical year 1991, when the Fiery Word of the Messiah was Openly Sounded in Rus, the collapse of the USSR occurred, and the realm of the Antichrist began to form actively. And at the same time, in the mystical year 1991, when the Fiery Word of the Messiah was openly sounded in Russia, collapse of the USSR occurred, and the realm of the Antichrist began to form actively. The system «Beast» intensively began to prepare the way for its master, gradually accustoming peoples to the «number of the Beast» — mark 666, which is mentioned in the «Revelation». Since, this is a «human number», this is the numerical identifier of person that will be tagged all with the arrival of the Antichrist, whose names are not recorded in the Book of Life («FACERMA AND ANTICHRIST READY TO JUMP»).»

«And so, the ERA of LIGHT has approached! When the Higher Power enters the world, everything else loses its power and authority, for it enters the Supreme Cover of Spiritual Authority, which is Represented by Avatar, Messiah, or the Supreme Divine Personality. In the Age of Aquarius, the Mother of Light — the Supreme Divine Personality — the Absolute of the Universe, Its Creatress with Her Helpers is Revealed. And from this follows that other forces in the Material World have not authority anymore. That is, everything follows the One Purpose of the Mother of Light, for the lower level of consciousness is subordinated to the Higher. And Energy of Light and Mind of the Mother of the World Wins all the rest, want it or not the lowest levels. This also regards old egregors of past epochs, and their symbols of Spiritual power. And this is the inevitability of the Law of Light. Supposing the World of Matter were honoring and accepting His Mother during the past centuries, the World of Matter would long ago have turned into the Abode of Spirit».

«Indeed, everything around us — is the Manifestation of the One Supreme Mother-Parent. But in the era of orthodox patriarchy, the dark ones cut off the consciousness of people, and souls completely forgot about their Progenitress, having fallen to the lowest level of their thinking. Then the Primordial Force Had to Appear here, Being Sealed in the Woman's Body, for in another way it was impossible to do it. To Directly Pass on earthlings Knowledge of Heaven, of Light, of Future. In order to Perform the TRAnsformation (Pre Obraz Zheny) of consciousness of human and to conquer all darkness from within. Old Commandments, like old prayers, do not work anymore. Laws require adjustment. Here Are the New Commandments to humanity, and here Is the New Word to the earthlings. Who will accommodate It, will become It. For like attracts like.»

«In this dark time it is necessary to constantly raise the level of your vibrations, to protect your biofield with the Highest Prayer of Light, the Formula Which allows you to tear out all darkness and make the tRAnsform for the forthcoming Ascension to the level of the Sixth RAce of earthlings. New Earth and New Heaven required this. Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Come to Realize It. TRAnsformation is Coming! AUM RA!»

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya

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