The Third Millenium’ Cosmic Polyart


«The Sacral Book of ISIS» by Victoria PreobRAzhensky

«СофиоЛогия Матери Мира»


Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «THE LAST HUMAN TEST»


«It was important to act quickly after
the coronavirus outbreak — even
more quickly than was the case»

(Bill Gates).

Yeah, the behind-the-scenes tycoons of world imperialism, led by billionaire Bill Gates, the main initiator of the reduction of the «unnecessary» population of the planet, have rushed in earnest. These reptiles dream of «eternal life», drinking in human blood, and that soon, with the help of artificially created viruses, deadly vaccines, hunger and wars, they will destroy millions of Earth's inhabitants, leaving themselves only the servants of remotely controlled slaves.

Microsoft patent WO/2020/060606 was registered on March 24, 2020. Pay attention to its talking number with three sixes, frankly indicating whose project it is. And who would doubt that this is a project of the Antichrist, whose «mark of the Beast» is placed everywhere: on documents, on goods, on those living on Earth. This patent covers mining, digital currency and third party control over all chipped. Also, the social status of a citizen will soon appear, when the state, on the basis of various data, will determine the level of your reliability. In China, such a system already exists, but it has not yet been introduced totally and not with all the functions. But all this is only a matter of time.

In the meantime they are preparing for the world concentration camps. These bloodsuckers, with your tacit consent, drive everyone deeper and deeper into the booth. This is a trial balloon. There will be a climax by the end of the year. In the meantime, everyone is gradually taught to obedience: to sit in self-isolation, to wear muzzles. By the way, a medical mask — is a symbol of a muzzle, that is, a ban on freedom of speech. And everyone who put on the muzzle confirmed their agreement with the genocide of the white race. For, the white population on Earth is already not so much compared to Asians and Negroids. And they are genociding, in the first place, the Slavs. Operation «сoronavirus» — it is a cover for the destruction of humanity on Earth by reptilian creatures that cannot cope with the Increasing VibRAtions of Light. And it is not by chance! The Mother of the World Herself — Sophia the Wise Has Been on the planet for 30 Years. She Became as one of many, in order to Feel human suffering and Show the lost earthlings the True Path to Light and Immortality. It is the Path of TRUTH. And the TRUTH — IS THE GREAT MOTHER, Who is worshiped even by demons. But, the servants of Set inspired to mere mortals that in all the worlds the ruler is one — the Heavenly Father. And today — it is the Antichrist, the Prince of deep Darkness, who secretly leads his legion.

These beasts want to become immortal, devouring stolen children, leading them to fear and numbness. They sacrifice them to their master — Gagtungr. While cruelly raping and killing, they drink the blood of innocent victims. They perform these black rituals all the time. They really want to exist for a long time, remaining young predators. After all, life is given to humans, and existence is given - to bastards. And the law of karma does not relieve them of responsibility for their actions, and therefore they all burn together in the fire of Hell. And it will happen very soon!

The so-called «elite», or a swine at the trough, imagining itself to be the «lords of the world», — are the waste of society: inhumans and undead. Therefore, they constantly «rejuvenate» themselves with pills and injections made on the basis of an extract from murdered babies and young children. How to distinguish them from humans? They are all wearing masks. Therefore, they artificially create their own faces: they inject with botox, do plastic surgery, pour silicone into the bosom and buttocks, pout their lips. This perverted artificial «beauty» and «nature» of self-perverts has become a kind of cult. That is why the whole world was imposed on the inhuman standard of a stretched «young face» and bones, barely covered with leather. Many have driven themselves to anorexia in order to resemble shapeless reptile-hangers. Old age (Starost’ — in Russian) — from the word «star», «Ast» — a star, as the acquisition of life experience, wisdom, respect — has become shameful and ridiculed here. Although these reptilian bastards themselves have long been decrepit old people, only they have not gained wisdom. Look at the faces of those who serve the globalist-setanists. How ugly they are! And soon their time will be over! Their owners will remove them as soon as they implement the plan of Antichrist. And everything that was taken away from the people by them, plundered and destroyed, will never be useful to them again. For, they will go to endless torment for their planetary crimes. Crimes against humanity. Their time is Shortened by the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. And who has not yet understood this, hurry up to understand. For, today everything depends only on you. You consciously and unconsciously allow these freaks from the underworld to mock you. And they openly laugh at you and devour your energy — sweet gavwah, released from fear and panic. Most of the faithful christians even refused from the Bright Resurrection of Christ, agreeing with the ban of the authorities on visiting their churches. And this is already the first step towards a complete ban on christianity. Jesus Christos long ago Turned away from such believers. You also rejected the Holy Spirit — the World Feminine Bearing the Name of Christ, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. Which Appeared in 1990 to Warn the world about the plans of the Antichrist to chip the population of the Earth. But you did not accept Her, slandered Her and delivered Her to the judgment seat of the laity. And now — get what you deserve! The devil's servants have driven you into cages, like in the masonic cartoon «I'm a domestic goat II».

Microsoft founder, who funders WHO, crook Bill Gates is promoting his deadly liquid-chip vaccines to turn all who agree into slaves of the Antichrist. He positions himself as a supporter of vaccination, but flatly refused to vaccinate his children. California kids who haven't been vaccinated are all white and from wealthy families. It is about 17,000 people. All those, who attend elite private schools and plan to run by the remnants of humanity. It is also interesting that Bill Gates' polio vaccines have caused vaccine-derived poliomyelitis in millions of children around the world. The exit is lethal. However, Gates openly admitted that vaccines are needed to depopulate the population. In 2015, he publicly announced his reptilian plans to reduce the population, vaccines, and the coronavirus. Now he is actively working in this direction.

It is clear that all this was planned by the dark long ago and is now purposefully implemented. Probably, Trump, disguised as a «fighter» against the cult, against adrenochrome, is gaining his own marks, although he is part of the same cohort of enslavers of humanity on Earth. This is their game: one is a «good» man, and the other is «evil». This is their spectacle for the introduction of the «mark of the Beast» and chipization. It would be good if it were not so. And the fight against the cult and vaccines would be real. But all this so resembles a single conspiracy! It's time to disperse these vampire-actors of Hollywood, who support the cult of the illuminati and devour the pills of youth. But, apparently, this is a subtle game, the expectation that many parents will gladly agree to chip their children so that they are under complete control. For this, perhaps, this black syndicate of adrenochroms is exposed. And in fact, this is a fallback for the introduction of vaccines with chips. After all, the world has already understood that vaccines are deadly and contain chips. So now they need to show that Trump is a «fighter for justice», whose son-in-law is a chabadnik, and allegedly forbids moron Gates from distributing these vaccines, while four liquid-chip vaccine companies are located in Israel. All this looks incredible today, especially there is information that Gates has found serious competitors in the person of the second group of zionists, whose face is Trump. The group is represented by an Israel pharmaceutical company and is protected by chabadniks. This group offers their vaccine based on hydroxychloroquine. Trump has already made about a dozen public appearances promoting the vaccine. Therefore, general vaccination in the United States is not canceled. As soon as Trump and Gates agree on the division of the planned profits, the relevant bills will go to Congress.

Meanwhile, today many people have already understood that the «operation of the coronavirus» is a cover for the introduction of a «new world disorder», and therefore the dark ones are so fussing and in a hurry.

«On March 31st, the popular British newspaper The Telegraph reported a shocking news headline: «There was a delay in testing for coronavirus after Covid-19 was detected in test kits. Pursuant to this article, on March 30, the Luxembourg-based intermediary firm Eurofins, responsible for the supply and quality assurance of Covid-19 tests, notified UK government laboratories of the discovery of coronavirus in their shipment. An official letter from the firm claimed that the virus was found in key components of the test, namely in probes and capsules supplied from the United States. Eurofins also reported the discovery of the coronavirus and some other intermediary companies also receive their test kits from overseas. At the same time, the company refrained from naming its suppliers producing contaminated goods». (

I have already warned that there is no coronavirus epidemic: hospitals are empty, no one dies from it, neither in Italy, nor in Spain, nor in Ukraine, as stated in daily media reports, this is just a pseudo picture. For example, in Italy, the number of deaths this year corresponds to the same number as last year. And the tests, just like the masks supplied from China, can be specially infected to create real deaths from the coronavirus, and not fake ones. And thus, introduce mandatory mass chipping through vaccines, and then establish the most severe control over all peoples. And the criminal activity of the developers of this vaccine has already been confirmed. Who is behind the vaccines? On the one hand — Bill Gates, on the other — chabadniki.

It is necessary by all possible means to disrupt this black formulation of lies. Only your awakening and active action against the «system of the Beast» of the Antichrist can become salvation from the impending total electronic slavery. It is sad that the generation of the 2000s has already been rebuilt for pseudo-values and digitalization imposed by the lawless people. This is the norm for them: to have a chip in the body or a mark on the forehead: supposedly technical progress does not stand still, and those who disagree are «cave dwellers». With such a psychology, many people will find themselves controlled biorobots serving the Antichrist in his single world concentration camp. The dark ones dream of replacing the connection with reality by digital technologies. This is their means of controlling the consciousness of earthlings. Antichrist longs to occupy the Mental Fiery Plan and the Spiritual. Therefore, since 1990, Sophia the Wise, Revealed to Earth in the Image of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, opposes Him. This was the Coming of the Messiah, Which about was said in all the scriptures and prophecies. But few recognized Her. And today all the reins of government were in the hands of the dark forces. So they are refined in methods of destruction of earthlings.

Naturally, the sixties are not needed by the world government: Soviet leaven and other values. During quarantine, they and the older generation are illegally they are forbidden to appear on the street at all, allegedly their immunity is weak. Yes it is this generation, just, immunity is very strong, they are not grown in a greenhouse and they know what is good and evil. And walks in the fresh air, under the spring sun, are very useful for them as well as for children and all healthy people. But the «obsessed with Europe» today finally turned off their brains, the dark servants of the Antichrist rely on them. These are, as a rule, youth of the two thousandth, brought up on «European values», where LGBT people — are the norm. And this is exactly what the reptilian «system of the Beast» is trying to achieve: to stop the birth rate of the white population and to dispose of all the one-sided, as a disposable material that helps the Antichrist to implement his misanthropic plan. Through the Chinese model of total control and «rating» to eliminate the money system, to deprive a person all life rights and freedoms without the chip. And what, the silent couch warriors, will you still be indignant, sitting at the computer? In the UK, those who have enlightened are actively destroying deadly 5G. For, they understand that the chips are activated by these towers, and the frequency of 5G radiations, which kills immunity, is like a microwave. And the authorities, thanks to such protests, have already made big concessions. And what happens among the slavs? In Russia, for example, online quarantine protests are taking place in some regions. Who needs them? Thus, the «Beast system» accustoms you to electronic control. These bastards are already openly mocking and laughing at you, and you silently swallow all this inedible.

For example, whole villages and forests are specially burned in Ukraine. For three weeks now, the Chernobyl exclusion zone has been burning, a certain nature reserve, where over the years the nature has ideally renewed itself, and many wild animals have bred. Five more areas are on fire. Hundreds of hectares of forests were burnt down, and entire villages were burned in the Zhytomyr region. But no one is in a hurry to eliminate the centers of fire devouring everything around. Why ukropatriots do not arrange their processions, do not sieg-heil: «Ukraine is above all!». Or are they used to doing it just for money? Meanwhile, Ukraine is on fire. Kiev is smoky. The Ministry of Emergency Situations, after the «revolution of dignity», do not have equipment for extinguishing fires. Maybe because the authorities are fulfilling the order of their master from the State Department: to drive all slavs from their territories and populate them with foreigners? After all, the sale of fertile Ukrainian land to large western banks, during the period of the pseudo-epidemic, has already taken place. On their talk shows, these reptiles continue to stir up passions around the pseudo-epidemic, apparently they know that everyone can be infected with incoming tests and muzzles from China, including vaccines. It is no coincidence that Igor Berkut has repeatedly voiced Chabad's plans to create a Khazar Kaganate on the territory of Ukraine, including in Crimea. Maybe that's why Crimea was quietly transferred to Russia in order to build luxurious highways there, like Tavrida for future Khazars? They have the same plans for the south of Ukraine and Russia. Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Kherson regions are getting ready for settlement — all hot spots. Although Stalin at one time created the jewish Autonomous Republic with the capital — Birobidzhan, apparently, the jews do not like this place. It seems that the zionists’ plan is being implemented purposefully and brutally. Then the lands were sold so that you, the ukrainians, were on your territory the slaves of the future owners. Therefore, the authorities are in a hurry to cleanse and extinct everyone. How many heart patients and asthmatics have already died from smoke! Planned heart surgeries were also discontinued due to the quarantine in Kiev. Famous cardiac surgeons stay at home instead of saving the lives of patients. And isn't this genocide? The most real! In Siberia, land was sold to the Chinese. And not so long ago, hundreds of hectares of forests were burned out there, not to mention cutting them down. Forests are also cut down in the Carpathians. And this is not only a violation of the planet's ecosystem, but also the enrichment of tycoons due to the sale of timber, and the deprivation of the opportunity to hide in the forests for those inhabitants of the Earth who leave society, abandoning the «mark of the Beast». So the global plan is the same everywhere. And the executors of the will of Set-Antichrist — are all the same familiar faces. And when Set’s people finally capture you in their nets, then don't blame yourself for not knowing this. All information is constantly voiced. But the zombie mass is lulled by state TV channels, which send pseudo pictures and pseudo information, mistaking the imposed lie for the truth. And the one who has eyes and ears understands what is actually happening in the world today. Preparations for widespread chipization and total control are in full swing: GULAG is being prepared for those who are against the «Beast system» and for those who will accept it. Maybe that's why all over Russia, at the stations there are barrage cages and that are guarded by policemen with dogs, and you can get to the station only through the frame (security checkpoint). Therefore, all stations are almost deserted. The same picture is in supermarkets. It's the same in supermarkets. Soon people will be driven there, like in a prison, and in order to buy poisonous products, you will need to put your forehead or right hand with a chip on the scanner to read the individual number (code). That is, your individual soul, given from Above, will be depersonalized by the dark, replacing it with an electronic controlled chip. The Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Openly Spoke about this in the early ‘90s on the squares and on the Pages of Her «Science of Light and Its Transformation», Warning about the forthcoming digital concentration camp of the Antichrist. And the one who heard and accepted Her will find his Salvation. For the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS is already 30 Years old, Despite constant pressure and slander from the destructive forces, Gathers Her White Army, all who refuse the electronic «mark of the Beast», chipping and «the Beast system». The servants of the Antichrist hate Her for this and constantly slander, intimidating the Savior of Russia to all those of little faith and who have chosen the path to nowhere. That is why the media from the ‘90s of the last century continue to impose a false myth about a «terrible sect» and denigrate Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. After all, if people are constantly zombified with horror stories, they begin to believe in it, as it is today with the corona virus. And those, who are zombified with fake myths about the «The Great White Brotherhood» and the Mother of the World — have already found themselves in the Antichrist‘s clutches, for the Path to Salvation is closed for them.

Remember: anyone who does not take the deadly liquid chip vaccine will not be able to move freely. Only biorobots with quantum tattoos obtained through vaccines will be able to get out of this quarantine. And such will be the majority. These are the ones who will sell their souls to the devil. And they will hate and give up those who will refuse this «mark of the Beast». Therefore, all sane and free-spirited earthlings need with all their might to break the plans of the colonialists of mankind, exposing them and unite against the «Beast system». Only this can stop the directors of the show called «corona virus». For, most of all they are afraid of exposure and of the thinking, enlightened humanity. The new world disorder they are introducing — is the brainchild of the Antichrist. All, who serve and worship him today will be condemned at the Last Judgment to endless torment in Hell.

In spite of everything, Victoria of Light is Approaching every day! The DAY of AMPLIFYING LIGHT is near! And most importantly: pass this last test of FAITH, LOVE, KIND and HUMANITY with a pure Conscience. STRENGTHS OF THE SPIRIT to you, earthlings! Let There Be LIGHT, LOVE, GOOD! URA! AUM RA!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya                     


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