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«The Sacral Book of ISIS» by Victoria PreobRAzhensky

«СофиоЛогия Матери Мира»


Key of «The Prayer of Light»© of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.
And some Predictions and Warnings

Виктория ПреобРАженская

Key of «The Prayer of Light»©
of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.
And some Predictions and Warnings

«…Their ultimate goal: insert chips for everyone and
control society completely. Elite, bankers and rulers
will control the whole world…»

(from a conversation between Nick
Rockefeller and Aaron Russo).

So, the denouement of the tangle of recent events — is close. Earthlings are intensively divided into two camps — the slaves of the reptilian invaders of the planet and those who go against the tide. But there are only a few of the latters. This is the resistance to the «system of the Beast», which is fighting and will continue to fight against the Antichrist in all possible ways to the end. I advise you to watch the films: «Visitors» (2009-2011) and «Aliens» (or «V — the sign of Victoria, Victory») (1983). There, a small group of resistance to alien invaders (reptilians) undermines their plans and in every possible way prevents the destruction of humanity. These films are very informative. It really shows what the invaders are doing with the earthlings and how they, with the help of total lies and the seizure of world power, survived and destroyed the indigenous humanity of the Earth. And this is not fantasy. This is information that should be known to everyone today.

By the summer of 2021, the world's invaders are expecting a harvest of deaths as a result of tests and vaccines. And then the deception will work even more, because the panic and helplessness of the population will finally force the servile masses to go to slaughter alive: vaccinate themselves and accept the deadly brand of the Antichrist «The Beast» — a chip with 666. By 2024, the invaders plan to play an all-out war with nuclear explosions in order to finally finish off the residual biomass. And by 2025, the reptilians plan to completely occupy the Earth. They will break all their promises to the deceitful rulers of the colonial countries. Instead, they are simply disposed of as waste material. The world's police will also be utilized. After the muzzled slaves are driven into the stall — the police will no longer be needed by their masters. And no one respects traitors, not even reptilians. Such predictions are quite real, but the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS in every possible way Destroys the plans of the dark forces and Pushes aside their insidious projects. That is why the terms are postponed, the earthlings are Given time to awaken and choose the path, the blow of the darks is Softened. Thus the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Hinders the coming of the Antichrist. But his «Beast system» continues to be widely implemented. This is the plan of the dark reptilian invaders who dictate their circs to the whole world. Their task is to drive the servile herd into a digital concentration camp under the guise of total deception, with which they now frighten the weak-willed and zombified, and then turn off microchips. Then these souls will be destroyed, and no one will help them to return to real life. On the other hand, in such state of heartlessness and obscurantism, this biomass sends themself for utilization. She is also ready to accept sheep virus passports testifying that the slave got to the Antichrist in the net. And in fact: the world does not need such ballast. These victims of the «Beast system» only destroy the world around them and live for one day: to eat fatty food, to experience passions, to save up money. Utter greed, hatred, envy, selfishness filled everything around. Therefore, the black servants of MAHAKALI, as purifiers, went to the Harvest. And they do a good job with their tasks. But the White ones — in a single amount, reflect the attacks of the dark ones. They lost in karma, far-fetched fears, lightless dead ends of consciousness and oppressive illusion-maya. Well, everyone is responsible for himself. And he will bear the answer at the MAAT Court only for his soul. And only the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, without stopping and rest, 31 years PURPOSEFULLLY Goes Forward through thorns to TRANSFORMATION. And SHE Leads the sighted, who have accepted the Savior with such a Speaking Name! And only the blind cannot see it today.

In 1993, the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Gave the third part of the Saving «Prayer of Light»©. And, She Announced It completely, Being in the dungeons of Lukyanovka for the Word of Truth. And since that time, the Prayer of Light has become a Guardian and Shield from Darkness. The Power of Her Word Helped thousands of souls to find life and health, to free themselves from the shackles of darkness. And this is thanks to the Absolute Vibrations of the Name of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and Her True Word, Which Was Born at the Price of Blood and All Her Life in the most low-lying of sinful hell. Just there this Sacred Word Crystallized and Shone with myriads of Lights of Fohat of the Mother of the World — the Absolute Power of Light of the Universe. And to distort Her meaning, letter or Name — is an utter demonic daring! This is the incursion of terrible karma on oneself, for an encroachment on the Holy Spirit — is equal to mental death. Yes, such souls will be disposed of. Over the years, the «Prayer of Light», was Born by Maria DEVI CHRISTOS in prison, Became a Powerful Shield from the dark forces, It has got Its Egregor. For thousands of believers pray day and night and cleanse their space and the Space of the Universe with the Prayer of Light, entering the Canvas of the Mother of the World — under Her White Protective Cover. And since the Word, Energy, InFormation, KNOWLEDGE Given by the Mother of the World over the years (since 1990) has already Filled Akasha to the limit (and no wonder: the Epoch of the Holy Spirit is going on — the World Femininity and BEAUTY of the Mother of the World), therefore many people read This Sacred InFormation. It already hovers everywhere and burns the consciousness of earthlings, whether they want it or not. Recently, a certain blogger plagiarized the «Prayer of Light»© of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, putting It on his channel in a distorted form. He removed the Sacred Name of the Mother of the World. And thus he made an unforgivable substitution of the True Word, while blasphemed in the comments and lied against Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, Who Gives All Her Life to the Enlightenment of mankind and the TRAnsformation of its consciousness, Performing Titanic Universal Feat. First: the «Prayer of Light»© DOES NOT WORK without the Name «MARIA DEVI CHRISTOS», because the dark forces fear only this Name and hate the Mother of the World for This Her New Name, testify about the Phenomenon of Ardhanarishvara (Male and Female Principles in the One Sophia — CHRISTOS-Sophia). And this is the Key of the «Prayer of Light»©. Therefore, without the Sacred Name of the Messiah of the Age of Aquarius Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — Light Prayer — is an empty sound. And for more details about the «Prayer of Light» and the Name of the Mother of the World, see here:,

Further, everyone should know today that all the media belong to the invaders, and even more so YouTube, which constantly deletes the videos of the «Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya» Channel, reduces the number of views, conceals from the viewer, because all the dark ones fear and hate Her. The same applies to «wikipedia», as it is called today «wikipedo», because apart from chutzpah, slander, depiction of reality, real facts, false information and defamation, it contains nothing. And only ignorant and darks, demoniac can refer to this source of reptilian crap. For, a normal person will never believe the falsehood and lies that it contains. And there is not a single truthful word about Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, but only references to the false inventions of the reptilian Dvorkin (stooge of the Russian Orthodox Church), an Israeli citizen, who since 1991 purposefully launched the stigmatizing intimidating term «totalitarian sect». Although only the state can be totalitarian! You can find the truth about the Mother of the World on Her Sites:

Now regarding the impending events in the Donbass. Reptilians are eager to destroy this stronghold of the Russian-speaking white population of Kievan Rus, as well as all the white mankind of the Earth. As always, according to the chutzpah and ritual sacrifices of the servants of Hell, they urge the attack on Donbass to the day of May 2. This day coincides with the orthodox holiday «Easter of Christ». And the reptilians are going to eliminate the fighters from both one side and the other, including the civilian population. Donetsk carries the karma for its rejection of the Mother of the World. For, it is the place of Birth of the Mother of the World according to the Earthly and Heavenly Origin. This was also predicted in the prophecies of Nostradamus. ( This is the starting point of the «USMALOS» ProgRAm, Which, since June 1, 1990, is Led by the Supreme Divine Personality of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. The program «USMALOS» was Turned on from Above, as a Saving Mission for humanity of Earth, it is the Program of Fohatization (saturation with the Holy Spirit) and the Transition of enlightened humanity into a New Time Round: the Golden Age of TRANSFORMATION. Naturally, from the very beginning of Her Action, the pangolins, and especially the programmatic ones, became active: podgorodetskiys, dvorkins, muluns, shokins and others, in order to block the Path of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, discredit Her Holy Name, destroy Her White Slavic Movement «Great White Brotherhood» (, Which She Collected and Lead behind Her against the «Beast system» of the Antichrist back in 1990-92 in all Slavic regions. But the forces of the Antichrist, promoting the chipping of the population, were very frightened by the Power of Her Word, the Fohatic Fire of the Holy Spirit, with which She completely crushed the dark biorobots, Gathering white, pure souls. The assault of the dark ones turned out to be strong. Lies, slander, manipulation of the consciousness of the masses, their zombification with false horror stories led the 1993 White Movement to defeat. Coming out of ukrainian prisons in 1997, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, Innocently Suffering from slanderers and customers of terror, Was Recognized by human rights activists «Helsinki-90» — the Prisoner of Conscience. ( But the reptiles did not calm down. From the last century to the present day, the purposeful persecution of the White Warrior of Light, the Mother of the World, Voluntarily and Selflessly Giving Her Life for the Good of humanity continues. But everything has its time! There will come an HOUR of Retribution for the sins of the blind and blasphemers of the Holy Spirit. The Great MAHAKALI will wave with Her Sword, and demons will disappear from the battlefield, drowning in blood.




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