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«The Sacral Book of ISIS» by Victoria PreobRAzhensky

«СофиоЛогия Матери Мира»


Ideological Platform the Mother of the World

Ideological Platform the Mother of the World –

The Fundamental Cosmic Laws of Eternal Life
of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS

1. You shall love the Mother of Light — with all your heart,
with all your soul and consciousness!

The Mother of the World — is the Great Unmanifest Ein-Soph and Supreme Divine Personality, Absolute of the Universe and an Inexhaustible Source of Light, the first Idea of the Creation and the First Thought. She gave birth to the World and to everything that in it. She gave birth to Her Father and Son. She is the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. All Powers are in Her One. And She is One in all Powers. She is the Harmony and the Eternity. The darkness and the Light. The Man and the Woman. The Moon and the Sun. The Day and the Night. Everything is in Her. The Eternal Word and Mercy. The Good and LOVE. The Beauty and the RAdiance, the Justice and the Law, the Strictness and the Order, the Gold and the Silver, the Microcosm and the Macrocosm, the Human Spiritus (a Being of Cosmic Consciousness) and the Nature — that is all SHE! Mother of the World has ten thousand Names. And one of them is Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. This Name is carried today by White Tara, Maytraiya, Savioress and Consoleress of the Earth. She descended to the transient world in the Image of a Homo Spiritus-Christos-Messiah of the Age of Aquarius. And, Staying in the lowest slowed frequencies of the receding world of Darkness, She is Filled with Absolute Vibrations, Rescues the souls of loving children, fallen into Darkness. There is nothing Higher of This Power, neither on the Earth nor in the Heaven! Great is She and Multidimensional for the comprehension of Starseeds. But, everybody, who will be attracted by the Magnet of the Mother of the World, will find Eternal Knowledge and Eternal Life.

To Love with the heart and the soul means: will connect with the Holy Spirit — the Great Mother — the Source of Light, will grow in Her luminous blood, will fill by Her Fohat (Light), and will become Her co-creators, personifications and sowers of the Light in the Universe.

To Love with Your consciousness means: to comprehend, to realize, to take into your mind the Great Word of the Mother of the World, Her LOVE and Knowledge about the Absolute of Light, to flow into Macrocosm and to became One with the Light-Cloth of the Mother of Light, which Weaves the World-Creation and everything in It.

2. You shall love Humanity — with the LOVE of the Mother of Light!

The LOVE of the Mother of Light is Absolute, Perfect, Multidimensional, and has lots of Images. In the Age of Aquarious will not be enough to 'love your neighbor as yourself', for, the New Age of Light — is the Age of Transformation of Consciousness: Merging of Love into the One Holy Spirit of the Great Mother.

Everyone who loves humanity — is the unity of the Universe, the link in the Hierarchy of Light, he thinks in the Universal categories, he creates with his word and action. The Sixth Race of Transformed Humanity is «the Great White Brotherhood» of the Great Mother of Light. It is the Souls, educated by Light and Wisdom of the Mother of the World — Sophia. They know LOVE and radiate Her to all spaces, to all the living and real in the breathing of True LOVE. The source of this Love, is the Great Mother — Progenitress of the Universe!

3. You shall love your enemy!

The True LOVE — commensurates everything. In Her beams, even the sinner becomes the righteous man, and darkness is disappeared. Irradiating Love, you pacify darkness; grow in Light, healing the Universal wounds, which appeared from the hatred and other negatives in the Planetary aura and the Universe in whole. Loving your enemy, you make him free, netralizing the reason to hate you. And True LOVE has quality of strictness, and ability to Overcome any Darkness.

4. You shall love all things that breathe!

Everything is Absolute in Divine Matrix. All Existence is created by the Power of Fohat of Ein-Soph — Divine Wisdom. Everything breathes in ethers and spaces! It is the great and the small, the Macro- and Microcosm, the Nature and all aspects of It. For the Breathing — is the Life! To murder, means to encroach on Divine Creation, Love of the Great Mother, to become similar to the Son of Darkness, to cause the chaos and the disharmony, the destruction of All Existence. For: the disconnected chain destructs aura and slows down the path into the Absolute Kingdom of Light, where it is All One and Perfect! So, doing this, You break The Law and Order of the Great Ma'at — the Mother of the World.

One who's Borned by Light and Spirit of the Great Mother of the World — observes Her Law. It is the Law of Supreme Divine LOVE. The absolute Humanity of the 6th RAce will restore the Order of Ma'at in all spheres. Let there Be Light!

5. Violence over every body, soul, consciousness and spirit — the denial of yourself!

Any violence is an absence of Love. For, Supreme LOVE is Holy and Divine, She Gives, Nourishes by Herself, but She does not take away and doesn’t make the violence. All is in Light; all is One in Absolute of the Great Mother of Light. And the Law of Divine LOVE is One and Constant for all the breathing. The invade into consciousness creates the violence over the will of Human Being. And the will beget the consciousness. The Supramental consciousness is the Knowing of Absolute. It is prohibited to encroach on Idea. The Idea it is an embryo of emboded life. The body, Soul, Spirit and Mind — all is One in the Holy Spirit of the Great Mother. The Future high spiritual RAce of Supramental consciousness will be living without violence. For, tIt will be filled by Harmony, Love, Beauty, Good, Knowledge and Light, which is the Spirit of the Great Mother — Divine Matrix of all existance.

6. You shall stop stealing from a human, from Nature, in the atmosphere, in the Universe!

Stealing is already violence. Taking something that does not belong to you, you destroy the order of things, intrude into somebody else’s Karma and act unspiritually. Stealing from Nature — it is a slow death of It! Robbing the animal world, you deprive yourself of power. When you destroy the aura of the Planet, you steal in the Universe. For Macro-and Microcosm can't tolerate the emptynesses. Stealing in the Universe: thought, light, planet, the living soul, proto-matter, you destroy ethers, the inner system of the planet, intruding into consciousness of the living. In that way you create crime, distroying Divine Creation, and that means You attact the Soul, Mind, Spirit and Body of the Great Mother of the World — the Divine Matrix of the Universe. For, everything belongs to Her — Body, Spirit, Soul and Mind!

The humanity, having passed through centuries, has come to a New Epoch — the Era of Light of the Mother of the World. Nowadays the Cosmic Light Powers: Starseed of the Goddess ISIS is fighting with an alian civilization of reptiloids, who seized power on our Planet and distroyed a biosphere, stratosphere, lithosphere, ionasphere and many other spheres of the Planet Earth and the Universe. They want to chipizate the humanity (put nano-chip into the body) and establish the Global Control of the Global Government and make everybody slaves of their system. There is only one protection against this chipization: the Fohat-light of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. It is a tuning on the vibration of the Absolute Frequancy of the Holy Spirit.

The most ancient tribe on Earth is Slavs, what means the Ones, who glorifies Gods, independantly from Nationality. The dark powers — humanoid reptiloids want to make from Slavs — their slaves, who will be totally controled by them and follow their instructions. But this will never happen, because the Great Mother of Light together with the Cosmic Neters will be fighting against them and their program of destruction and will win in the Glory of Divine Sophia!

Sons and Daughters, who fulfill the Testament of the Mother of Light, will inherit the New Earth and New Heaven, where they will be abide forever and become immortal. For, the Mother of the World Creates everything New! By Love, by Light, by Holy Spirit!

These Cosmic Laws are given for the Transformation of Humanity into the Great White Brotherhood: The Cosmic Federation of Light, of the Great Mother of the World!

7. You shall bless, pity and forgive everyone who offends and hates you!

Hatred, malice, any evil is from scarcity of consciousness, from ignorance, from unspirituality. As a result, the same villainy is made — the murder and destruction of All Existence. The biofield of the Universe is destroyed by the hatred; the black emanations of evil as a boomerang come back to the one who radiates them. The Man of the Consciousness of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS is filled with LOVE and he is unable to encroach on the Temple of the Great Creation in the Universe. For, having inside of himself from the Holy Spirit of the Great Mother, he will cause unreasonable destructions in all plans. The Love never answers with evil on evil: and the True Homo Spiritus fills sorry towards the infected by evil. He forgives the infected one and gives him the blessing energy — Fohat, to make him able to see clearly and repent. In that way he heals the infected man and transforms his consciosuness, being the Great Co-creator, the Keeper of the Universe and all the breathing. But it is necessary to neutralize all negative vibrations with Light of the Spirit of the Great Mother and fill the spaces and ethers with Light-Fohat — Vibrations of Spirit-Light. Sooner or later any darkness will be transformed into Light of Spirit…

8. The conjugal ties without Love and Harmony — are outside the Law.
Mental fornication — is a spiritual fall.

In this world there is no harmony between the husband and the wife, there is no integrity of Love, for, the patriarchal world has rejected and has humiliated the Great Goddess-Mother, and together with Her all Feminine Principle. The Absolute of the Universe — is the Mother of Light, which has Two Equal Origins in Herself: the Male and Female — in One Unity. The love — is Harmony, Unity and Light. The Universal Ideal LOVE — is the Goddess-Absolute. And in Absolute: Two — are One!

Nowadays lots of sexual bonds are adultery, for, the people cannot find integrity, they don't know what means Supreme Tantric Love Between Husband and Wife. They are not connected in all their spheres (subtle bodies, which are seven): a body, soul, spirit and mind. Therefore, the spirit of atheism, fornication and the energy of sin (destruction) prevails in families today.

The True Spirituality raises all in the united centre of heart, absolutises and connects all spheres in one heart — the TEMPLE of LOVE. It is the Primordial Unity.

The brutish instincs — is a mental fornication, the level of Homo Erectus: Human Being who lives only by instincts. Homo Sapience — developed His mind that is why he can control his instincts, but it is still not the fullfilment of evolution. The Next Level for Homo Sapience is Homo Spiritus: Spiritual Supramental Human Being, who lives by the Cosmic Laws of Harmony and Love with the Universe. Without the Knowledge of Supreme LOVE — only the lower centers works. Strong vibrations from the lower centers generate vampirism and destruction. It is a 'food' for dark forces. Lots of people today vibrates on the lower centers of sexual destructive energy, which leads to primitive sexual acts and violence. And it is the work of dark forces. Mother of Light teaches to illuminate the Divine LOVE, when spouses are united into One Essence with all their subtle and physical body. When all your chakras synchronized with your partner and you experience supreme bliss and divine nectar of pleasure. For, the Mother of the World — is the Light of Spirit, and in the Spirit — all is Unity.

Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS has activated the Law of Universal LOVE, She Has connected Two Cosmic Origins into One, having proclaimed: the husband and the wife — are One LOVE, and LOVE — is the Mother of Light!

9. You shall create the world around yourself through mercy!

There, where you are, My White Warrior of Light, — the Light is created in hearts! There, where Children of Light, the Cosmic Ambassadors of the Great Mother: Her Starseed, there is an energy of Fohat, calming, consolation, harmony, pleasure and love. Create the Good and the aura will be filled with gold! Be merciful, feel pity for beggars, poor, for those who not understands you. But, run from ignoramuses! Create the Good in the world around yourself, and the Universe Will be fulfilled by Light of the Great Mother of the World.

10. You shall be indulgent with uncomprehending; you shall forgive evil thought!

Not everybody is ready to follow Me, for, they are not ready in consciousness, not grew up enough, not reach the level of Supramentality. My Path is thorny… My Neters understand My Word. People of this world — are far from Me, for their vision of reality is framed by the picture from window. They need a Quantum Leap in My Dimension. But, all is good in its time: when the Time of Quantum Leap will come, the limited consciousness will expand boundlessly and the soul will gain the transformation. Do not push the narrow consciousness, go forward, My Angel, fill with Light those, who is ready to absorb it. Do not argue with ignoramuses. The Mother of Light descends to whom who doesn't understand Her and, lead them by the way, gradually, transforming their consciousness. The Condescension to the people who far away from you — is the Great Mercy, the Great Sacrifice, the Great LOVE, Kindness and Wisdom. It creates the Order of Ma'at in the Universe, evolving boundlessly. All Universe understands the uniform language — the Language of Continual LOVE.

Evil thoughts — are low-vibrational and profane aura of one, who creates them. The low vibrations create negative magnets and destroy all around. Thought — is alive substance. Any thought proceeds from open heart and mind, transforms negative vibrations into light-field. If somebody do not understand you — do not create violence over their consciousness, go forward, illuminating peace. Create the Light Sphere around yourself by Fohat of the Great Mother of the World. And the world will be transformed through Your Love!


Everyone who follows the Cosmic Laws — and Order of Ma'at, will inherit the Heavenly Kingdom and Eternal Life.

The Basic Law of Eternal Life is Love to All Existence. For the Mother of Light is the LOVE, Eternal and All-triumphal, Holy and Omnipresent. She is the Law. And Nothing is above Her! URA! AUM RA!

Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS    

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