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«The Sacral Book of ISIS» by Victoria PreobRAzhensky

«СофиоЛогия Матери Мира»




Happy New Year, slavs!!!

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Happy New Sun! URA! Goodness and Light to everyone!

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Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «33 Fiery Years of the Mother of the World»

33 Fiery Years of the Mother of the World

«Под Небесным Белым Покрывалом             
Матерь-Солнце Сокрывает Свет!                
Чтобы Не Обжечь Светилом Ярым,            
чтоб Явить Космический РАсвет!                
Станет РУСЬ Единая Всесильной!               
Под Покровом Матери Святой!                    
ДобРАтой и РАДАстью Обильной!               
Солнечной ПрекРАсною СтРАной!»              

(Victora PreobRAzhenskaya.
«Sun of Rus'». FRAgment.

On Nisan 11, 2023, 33 Mystical Years are Celebrated from the Day of the Appearance of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS on Earth, the Savior of the Age of Aquarius, the Messiah and Comforter, the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps this is the final Date of the Messiah's Stay on Earth, because 33 — is the mystical «age of Jesus Christ», and it is precisely the «33 bogatyrs» who emerge from the bowels of the Blue Sea, 30 years and 3 years are found in the famous «Tale of the Golden Fish», in which A.Pushkin encrypted sacred information. Maybe this number is not coincidental? And therefore, I will sum up the Spiritual Path of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS during this difficult period...

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Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «The age-old plan of the Antichrist»

The age-old plan of the Antichrist

«Patriotism is a destructive, psychopathic   
form of idiocy»                                        

(Bernard Show).

«Patriotic education is understood in Russia
as the education of slaves who are ready, 
not sparing their lives, to defend the        
interests of their masters»                       

(L.I. Puzin).

Everything that is happening today in Ukraine and Russia is the work of the world government, preparing the world for destruction before its exit. The invaders dream of replacing the white population of the Earth with clones, biorobots, cyborgs. RA means: White Light, Gold, Sun. RAce means: White, Sunny, Divine people. Over the past hundred years, this people have been drunk, corrupted, divided and turned into a fratricidal evil tribe. And who manages the process? The one, who prepares controlled chaos. They are globalists, universal renegades, embezzlers and murderers. Their servants — managers of different countries, standing at the head — are talking heads, who do not decide anything and do not have their own voice. Those who remain in the shadows decide for them. In Ukraine, a place is being prepared for «God's chosen ones», as the Old Testament calls them. And those who follow the instructions of Russia and Ukraine standing behind their backs are at one with them. In 1991, at Her Sermons on Khreshchatyk, the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Announced that Kyiv — is the Heavenly JeRUSalem, Which will Descend to This Promised Place after the TRAnsfiguration. But years later, this idea was picked up by the black hats and made it their dream. For the sake of which all this cruel cleansing of the indigenous population of UkRAine was started today. The Ukrainian land has been sold, and now it needs to be cleared of the population for foreigners. Everything is logical. Therefore, such a zealous mobilization-tombization, affecting even women and students. An interesting picture, however, is obtained: a lot of words have a root basis Thor. Here are just a few: TorSion (and here two key words are involved at once — Thor and Zion), terriTORy, hisTORy, akvaTORiya (water area), observaTORy, proctor (expanse), equaTOR, pasTOR, administraTOR, direcTOR, lectuTOR (lecturer), correcTOR, inspecTOR, ediTOR, provocaTOR (provocateur), insulaTOR, crediTOR, expropriaTOR, collecTOR, innovaTOR, povTOR (repeat), TORgovlya (trade), moTOR, excavaTOR, TORpedo, vTORoy (second), etc. Now it is clear who the boss in the world is? The one, who wears the Torah on his head. Or maybe it means the Cosmic Thor — the trajectory of the movement of Light in the Universe? Think about the meanings of the words. But, back to our sheep.

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 Picture of  Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «The Great Sun of Glory (HORST)»

Picture of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «The Great Sun of Glory (HORST)»           

Happy New Year, slavs!
Peace and Kindness! Light and Joy to the whole Earth!

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Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «MOTHER Stands at the Source»

MOTHER Stands at the Source

«In aramaic, the «spirit» was conceived as a mother, not a father,
because in aramaic ruah (spirit) — is feminine. This expressed the idea 
of a new — from the spirit — birth. Jesus thus had a mother in the flesh
and a Mother in the Spirit, and it was the union with the Mother-Spirit   
that made Jesus the Messiah…»
(I.S. Sventsitskaya.
From the book «Early сhristianity: pages of history»).

When the world abandoned its Primordial Mother, replacing Her with a «father», all troubles came to Earth. In the same way, the worldview of the earthlings was completely distorted: instead of a wide and immense planet (plan eto (in Russian) — this plan) spread imposingly in the expanses of the Universe, in their view, a ball rotating at an unimaginable speed, hanging in a void filled with night appeared. And the Sun, huge and immense in its size, turned out to be somewhere beyond the scope of vision. And then immediately a lot of inconsistencies arose: with Her Majesty Water, and with the change of day and night, and with flights over the Earth. And a lot of other unimaginable things. But today it is already clear to every inhabitant of the Earth, educated from within. And those who still abide in the dogmas of deceit, or deliberately support this global deceit-conspiracy, fall into the traps of stupidity set by the dark ones. This is the philistine layer, which, by inertia, is rolling into the karmic abyss, which means — to its own punishment for a senseless and empty existence on Earth.

Many basic words have retained the SacRAl basis-root of ZHEN (Wife), from ZHN-ZN — Znanie (Knowledge), or Zhena (Wife), which confirms the fact that it was the Mother Woman, the Keeper of the World Fire, the Ruler of all the elements, the Loving, Caring Wife-Lord-BAGANA.

Here are just a few words: otVERZHENie (rejection), obvaraZHENie (charm), sRAZHENie (battle), obnaZHENie (denudation), pribliZHENie (approach), izVERZHENie (eruption), dviZHENie (movement), vozzhZHENie (kindling), sVERZHENie (overthrow), izkaZHENie (distortion), poRAZHENie (defeat), tormoZHENie (inhibition), unichtoZHENie (destruction), preobRAZHENie (transformation), dolZHENstvovanie (obligation), (blaZHENstvo) bliss, etc.

From time immemorial, a woman has always guarded and protected her husband, or son in battle, she could stop a galloping horse with the power of thought and look. It was the Heavenly and earthly Mother who was always revered and remembered in difficult times. No one ever called out to the father in times of pain or danger: «dad!», «father!», and always only Mother, mom called for help. For a child, the mother — is his Universe, it is the mother that the child loves with all his heart, he always calls only his mother and reaches out only to her alone. Mom — is his life, joy, self-confidence and everything, everything, everything. She feeds him, caresses him, cherishes him, loves him, regardless of whether he is good or evil. So it is with animals. The cat nurses, licks, feeds her cubs, carries them prey, teaches them to hunt, and the cat-father lives somewhere beyond this cat's happiness. Nature-Mother always gives the right answers and understanding of the world, therefore, consult with Nature-Mother, observe Her nature, and the whole mystery of being will be revealed.

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Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «I CongRAtulate all with the New Sun!»

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. With the New Sun! December 25, 2022

Dear earthlings!

I CongRAtulate all with the New Sun!
Let There Be Light! LOVE! Good! In all Worlds and Spaces!

May all the plans of the dark invaders of Planet Earth to destroy the indigenous White RAce of peoples be broken! May the Kingdom of Sophia the Wise Come, both on Earth and in Heaven! May the Epoch of the Golden Age of tRAnsformated mankind Come! May the Highest Intention of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS about the TRAnsformation of all Existing, the Harmony of the Two Universal Beginnings, the Unity of the Earthly and Heavenly Become Completed! The Fohatic Supreme Light of Sophia Fills all Existing with LOVE and JOY! May the controlled chaos, contractual war, artificial cold and hunger, chipization-vaccination, digitalization, evacuation, imbecility and genocide of the united Slavic people, the invasion of foreigners into the native lands of the Slavs, the destruction of the traditional family, human hatred and malice be stopped! Let there be Peace in the world! Let the New White-Gold Sun Shine on everyone, Dissolving artificial clouds from chemtrails! May His warm soft light delight your souls! The Sun of Absolute LOVE of the Mother of the Universe Shines for everyone: for good and evil, sinful and righteous, light and darks ones! May earthly humanity return to the Single Source of the Fundamental Truth — the Mother of Lights, in Whom is EVERYTHING! Only awareness of yourself as children of the Consubstantial Mother-Father will help you survive the Time of Great Sorrow. Love each other! Be conscious, smile, despite all the difficulties and trials, thank for everything the Mother of the World, each other and your enemies, who harden your souls, as in a furnace of Fire, awaken your consciousness and teach how a normal person should not act. Seeing their cruelty, deceit, tricks, bloodthirstiness and avarice, normal people begin to realize: who is who and take the right path. And therefore, thank the Time Itself, the Time of Changes, which opens the Way to Eternity! And only bypassing all the trials, having learned all the lessons of life taught, hardened in difficulties and bad, — will the soul be cleansed, become like a crystal and return to its Eternal Source! I Patiently Wait for It and Prepare for the Universe a Harmonious, Beautiful, Full of LOVE and JOY Life of the Sixth RAce of Intelligent Humanity!
Let there be Light! Truly so! OM! URA! AUM RA! Glory to Sophia the Wisdom of Light!

Your Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS


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Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «LOOK FOR THIS POWER IN YOURSELF»


«And we know throughout the history of mankind that where
the Herald was not accepted or even persecuted, there it is Asked  
from all over the country. The Herald Comes in a difficult hour,      
therefore rejecting him means accepting your full karma. All the     
disasters that befall the country, isn't it a formidable omen?           
The country has chosen the most difficult path, hasn’t it? But what 
is a heavy karma of those who have rejected the help of the Forces
of Light and thus assumed full responsibility for the future»           

(H.I. Roerich. Letters, v.2, p.302. 05/14/1937).

This world has completely outlived itself.. This is already obvious, if only by the way the population of the planet blindly obeys the inhuman, illogical and mentally ill entities that control them and issue the same laws. They — are after Canon. And that's it. Maybe someone will object: they’ll say, we have already awakened. What did you wake up from if you overslept the Epochal Phenomenon of Light on planet Earth and still stay either in patriarchal dogmas or in denial of This Phenomenal Phenomenon? What have you done for your soul to free it from captivity of passions and desires? When the Messiah Came to you to Save your souls, how did you deal with Her? You slandered her, blasphemed her and put her in prison. And those who believed the vicious slander, spreading at the speed of sound everywhere, and remained silent, without defending and upholding the TRUTH, also joined this black action of the dark ones. Appearing from Above in 1990, the Young Beautiful and Pure Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Brought to everyone Unearthly LOVE and FAITH in the GOLD OF LIGHT. What have you done with This Love? You trampled Her into the mud. And the evil that has come into this world today — is the result of your rejection of the Savior, Retribution for your soullessness, blasphemy, callousness, silence and doing nothing to open your heart and the heart of your neighbor. For the Coming Epoch of the Open Heart — Global Femininity, Love and BEAUTY — means pure consciousness and high humanity, first of all. And how many human qualities do you possess today? Try to name consciously at least a few. What defines your humanity? What is the essence of your existence? Yes, Kali Yuga is the time of Darkness. But it is in the Darkness the sprout of life grows. It is in the Darkness the soul matures, constantly suffering and going through a series of mistakes, trials, falls and ups. And this is exactly That point in the Involution of human souls, when the school of life is passed, and a new period of inner thinking and outer mode of action begins. But what is the general picture of the world today on Earth? The majority of the population is experiencing psychosomatic imbalance, prolonged depression and constant fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Who drove you into such a state? Is it not reptilian zombie media that day and night pollute the space with false information, strictly imposed according to a certain pattern, at the behest of those who inspire you with this fear, hopelessness, unbelief, soullessness and pain, right? Exactly. These dark performers-talkers hold the whole world in the grip of deceit. And if they are turned off everywhere, world poisoning government will lose all the ability to control you, imposing something that does not exist a priori. And as long as you are ruled by all sorts of Swabians, Soros and other reptilian entities, fulfilling the will of their insatiable deceitful Prince of Darkness, your life will be like a miserable existence in chains of lies. Who continues to believe in the imposed picture of the world order: in a ball that rotates in a swift whirlwind around the Sun? In wars that supposedly take place to defend their lands or independence? The fact that the «good uncle» is about to appear and save everyone?

Wake up, finally! This world was finally captured in the nineteenth century, when artifacts and buildings of the former powerful, cultural and highly ecological, in every sense of the word, civilization of the rus-aryans were destroyed everywhere. When true HIsTory was rewritten and controlled patriarchal religions were introduced: distorted and emasculated, without the Fundamental Feminine Principle. And the result of your current forgetfulness and unawareness of the Truth is — precisely passive doing nothing, cynicism, voluntary and involuntary consumerism of everything at once. You — are those who have repeatedly incarnated at the key moments of HIsTory, because in this last time those who have come to Earth have to work out their karma completely, or go down to the lower layers of the tiers for further correction. And therefore you are those who silently looked at the crucifixion of Jesus Christos, and those who silently empathized with Him; you are those who were silent when the destruction of a single CultUre and Language was going on, or went to execution, resisting the villainy of the dark ones. You are those who silently watched or participated in the persecution of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS by all possible means, or those who continued to believe in Her. You are those who silently continue to look at the adoption of anti-human laws by non-humans and the deprivation of your last rights and freedoms... This is how fear purposefully seizes souls, fetters them and makes them dependent on conditions and circumstances, on the time in which you live. And that is why the invaders of the Earth artificially send to you the «horsemen of the ApoCALYpse», who are so obedient to them and act on their first signal. And you continue to believe in the inevitability of the prescribed biblical events, without trying to change them. Although everything in this world comes from the intention of those who rule this world. Now the world is ruled by the dark ones. For, the masses have rejected their Savior. And they continue to wait for someone else who will come to them with this Mission. No one will come to rescue you. You missed this chance. Only the Prince of Darkness will appear. Maybe, also His Princess, who will together enslave your souls completely. The Forces of Light headed by the Mother of the Universe Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — SOTHIs-Sophia — Yielded this right to them. For their time has come: to test all souls for Loyalty and Love. But, for some reason, human qualities are becoming less and less. The spirit of malice, the thirst for profit and exorbitant pride — more and more absorbs the hearts of living on Earth. Someone takes your souls to the cold astral plane, teeming with demons, and someone — immediately to Hell. And therefore, it will be exactly like this: Darkness will more and more absorb human consciousness until the true Warriors of Light, Servants of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, rise from the unspiritual darkness. For, you are those who live in constant fear, which means that you are slaves of fear, sown by world evil. And only a fearless brave knight of the Light Spirit will be able to defeat this insidious Darkness inside and outside. Look for this power in yourself, open your heart, look at the root! Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS HAVE DONE EVERYTHING for your open vision, spiritual rebirth and ascension into the Light: the Golden Age CultUre «Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya» © — is a New PaRAdigm of human thinking and being. Just absorb and be aware! And your heart will open like a white lotus, and your soul will ascend to the Open Heavens. But this CultUre — is Elitist, and not for the gray mass, trampling on everything pure and original. For, the path to the Kingdom of Heaven is narrow, but the road to Hell is wide. Therefore, only those who are thirsty to feed on the True Light-Fohat of the Primordial Source of the Mother of the World will gain sight and Save themselves from the Darkness of ignorance, illusory, soulless electronic-digital slavery imposed by the dark ones, reject the networks of the Beast and its mark of three sixes and become immortal. At the last moment, Salvation will Come to the faithful and devoted to their Savior. Let there be Light, Love, Goodness! All Glory to the Mother of the Universe, to Her Golden CHRIST Light! URA! AUM RA! Jaya Shri Matripadma! OM!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya    
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Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. HARVEST TIME MAHAKALI»


«So now, oh sons of the Thought, listen to Me, to the Speech of the Mother of your mercy, for you have become worthy of the mystery hidden from the Aeons, so that you might receive it. And the consummation of this particular Aeon and of the evil life has approached, and there dawn the beginning of the Aeon to come, which has no change forever.

I am — androgynous.
I am — Mother (and) I am Father, since I Copulate with Myself.
I Copulated with Myself and with those who love Me, and it is through Me Alone that the All stands firm.
I am — the Womb that Gives shape to the all by giving birth to the Light that shines in splendor.
I am — the Aeon to come.
I am — the Fulfillment of the all, that is, Meirothea, the Glory of the Mother.
I Cast Voiced Speech into the ears of those who know Me.
And I am Inviting you into the Exalted, Perfect Light»»

(«Trimorphic Protennoia». Fragment).

So the very time has come, about which in 1991 the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Prophesied on the squares of Rus. Then it was clearly said: do not read the newspapers, do not watch the zombie-box TV, take the children from schools and kindergartens, — educate them yourself, because in educational institutions there is no longer a normal education. And the media are all corrupt and are preparing a new world order for the arrival of the Antichrist-Beast, those who accept his black digital mark by chipping will worship him. Then the reptilian media slandered, resented what is proclaimed by the Community of the «Great White Brotherhood» of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, hung false labels on Her and Her preachers-followers, intimidating all Slavs with non-existent myths. And the result of this lie revealed itself after 30 years. A whole generation of USE victims has grown up — poorly educated, with a distorted worldview. Today's youth, like one-day butterflies, live in one day. It is no coincidence that the generation of the 90s — 2000s is called generation Z, i.e. generation of zombies. They believe everything that the media impose on them and are completely unable to analyze and think independently. It is the youth who go about obediently in muzzles, likening them to a fashionable attribute. But this is idiocy! Obedience to the «Beast system» that raised them. Over the past thirty years, the world has completely degraded. If you can be controlled by notorious villains and scammers, then who are you really? Bonded animals with a digital code on an iPhone leash? But the Nuremberg tribunal forbade any experiments on humans. Why don't you think about what the media feeds you every minute? Or supermarkets, in which everything is artificial, deadly dangerous and filled with materials from aborted babies, in order to gradually, dehumanize all consumers. This information is in the public domain today. But the most of people continues to eat in supermarkets and McDonald's. This is the result of your omnivorousness and degradation. Reptilian invaders use their alien technologies against humanity, dreaming to move to Earth. They are openly destroying the indigenous population with nanotechnology. Clones or alien invaders are hiding under the guise of poisoning-rulers and their poison-governments, completely destroying all countries of the world. But many continue to sleep under their delusional fables about a "deadly disease", compulsory injections, overcrowded hospitals. Which, in fact, are half empty. And those who take liquid poison, hoping to save their bodies from a non-existent pandemic, mostly get sick and die. If such a disaster, then, what kind of world championships on football could be there, which are constantly taking place all over the world? Or, for example, circus performances are advertised for which tickets are sold out in advance. And in the summer, when the media every now and then frightened the population with reports about the «sick», there was not room to swing a cat on the city beaches. Everyone swam and sunbathed with their children. And the ambulance did not take anyone away. Do you even think about how you all get dupe? Turn on your brains and analyze. What is constantly dumped from chemtrails is much more dangerous than the simple flu, which has been raised to the level of dangerous. Particles of barium and aluminum are deposited in the body of living beings, destroying brain cells and exposing a person to painful diseases. One of them is the disease of morgellons, when nanoparticles dropped from chemtrails, spreading inside the body, grow outward. But day and night reptiles are poisoning earthlings with huge batches of poisons thrown into the air. Here's something to worry about. And not to be afraid of acute respiratory infections, or the flu, which lasts only seven days. Any runny nose is the cleansing of the body of accumulated mucus and toxins.

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Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «THE BASIC MYSTERY»

The Living Word of the Mother of the World


«Ибо по ОбРАзу Духа Небес                   
Мать СОТкала Свой Свет.                  
Тайной Креста, Вспышкой Словес     
Зашифровала Ответ.                           
Тот, кто Эту Тайну поймёт,             
станет подобен Мне,                           
смерть потеряет, а Жизнь обретёт
и возпылает вдвойне!»                         

(Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.                     
«Mystery of the Light», Fragment, 13.09.2001).

I Bring you back to the Source again. This is — the Source of Light. It is the Source of the Living Water, from Which all who thirst for knowledge of the Truth drink. For almost 32 years I Have been Bringing this Knowledge to the world, but only the sighted, who are few today, can see, hear and understand My Word.

Whoever has a clear mind, think about the deception that the invaders of the Earth have imposed on the whole world since the 16th century, when a distorted fake of the world order was accepted instead of the true picture of the world. The dark ones have made a fundamental change and fooled the entire population of the Earth. Instead of the geocentric system, the heliocentric system was presented, although all previous generations knew this, even the ancient maps of the world remained. The rejection of the Triune Bhagavana-Mother and the belittling of the Sacred Feminine Principle was the beginning of the end of this civilization. That is why in the gloomy middle ages the «holy inquisition» was so vicious, burning educated women at the stake, classifying them as «witches» and sorceresses. Then the true meaning of the words was replaced, and all the manuscripts, valuable books and artifacts were hidden in the deep vaults of the Vatican. Witch — is literally: the knowing mother. It was the frantic fear of educated women, who know the nature of nature, who know every blade of grass, that have the magical qualities of healing and reviving the dead, falling into lethargy in order to be reborn, — that forced the fathers-popes of the Vatican to hide the Sacred Knowledge about the Triune Mother of the World, Her Powerful Spiritual Force and the true hIsTory of the Earth from mere mortals. And this was the main reason for the redistribution of the world under the brutal patriarchy. Everyone who wakes up from the age-old deception must finally understand that all the world's evil is based on the humiliation of the Sacred Feminine Principle of the Triune Mother-RADANA.

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