The Third Millenium’ Cosmic Polyart


«The Sacral Book of ISIS» by Victoria PreobRAzhensky

«СофиоЛогия Матери Мира»


«SophioLogy of Mother of the World»

New Book of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «SophioLogy of Mother of the World».

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «SophioLogy of Mother of the World». - 2017. - p.992, ill.

The New Book of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «SophioLogy of Mother of the World» — Represents the Doctrine of Wisdom. This is the SacRAl Science of Sophia, Her Nature and Life on Earth and in Heaven in the Absolute and Personal Aspect. Such Revelation in the hISTory of Sophiology was not yet! Even the famous sophiologists V.Soloviev, N.Berdyaev, Jakob Böhme, Gottfried Arnold, E. Swedenborg, etc. could not So Reproduce the Essence of Sophia, as She Herself Managed to Make It — With Her Thought, Word, Acting, was Embodying in the Russian Woman- PhiloSophist, as was predicted. This is the QuintEssence of the Author's TheoSophical Works, in Which Opens the Essence of Sophia — the Mother of the Universe, the Entelechy of all things and Her Epochal Phenomenon in Russia at the end of the 20th century.

The Author of the Book — Victoria Victorovna PreobRAzhenskaya — is the famous Artist, Poetess, Musician, Performer of Own Compositions, Writer, Journalist, grand doctor of PhiloSophy, TheoLogian-TheoSophist, Foundress of the «Cosmic Poliart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»©, member of the International Art Fund, member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists, Full member of the Russian Physical Society, full professor, academician Noospheric Public Academy of Sciences, laureate and diplomant of UNESCO.

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Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «LADY OF SUNRISE»


«How?! The embodiment of Sophia…
I am prophetically clear in Her, the
sacred destiny of Russia»


Russian Word of Mother of the World is Strong and Magic! Vo-Ob-RA-Zhen-ie (Imagination) — is a mental representation Image of the Wife (Obraz Zheny — in russian). Pre-Ob-RA-Zhen-ie (Transformation) — is a Fill by Image of the Wife. Voz-Zhen-ie (Kindling) — Filling by Fire Force of the Wife. This is an open for consciousness the SacRAl meaning of the Universe. In Head of MiRAzdaniya (Universe) (MARA-building — Mother of Light — Matra) is Staying its RADAtelnitsa (Parent) and the Base — is the Great Mother, Wife, Truth. Is Rejected by the age-old obscurantism of patriarchal cloth of the black forces of Seth, so hate everything that associated with the Cult of Mother, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, — GOSPEL.

Ancient ancestors worshiped BAGARADANA (Ba-Soul, Ga-motion, RA-Light, Da-Giving, Na-Sky) of Sophia the Wisdom. During the reign of Matriarchal BAGARADana all PriRAda (Nature), Cosmos, Universe — were united constituting of RADAtelnitsa (Parent). From Light Bosom all live was Shown. Matra Sva — Mother of Light — so in the ancient time in Russia called Sophia. And this Tradition went from the Beginning origin of life in the Universe. The True Real picture of the Golden Age of Sophia kept in the pantry of Eternity — the subconscious of all living things. Artifacts history of Cult of the Great Mother — the Triune Maitreya — saves Earth-Mother — Her NatuRAl Incarnation. And it is so natural that did not require any proof. But the consciousness of modern man is cut off by dark minions of Set-Gagtungr and reflects a one-sided blind vision of the world, the Universe. From here all the troubles: war, suffering, illness, death, hatred, evil world, has reached its apogee, which is backed by the full power of the Antichrist...

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Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «Black Code of Darkness»

Black Code of Darkness

«Mother of Light — is Divine Wisdom. Her Victory over Darkness — Is Self-knowledge Matter-Lucida. And when Take Place This Victory, the Universe, which is located in the center of the Earth — will acquire Greatness, and a Human — Immortality!»

(Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya).

«Everything that a man thinks supernatural in his own life — is unnatural, and all that is unnatural, it offends the Deity... That's what needs to know the real sage. There is nothing extraordinary; even the Mother of Gods, as it shows the Nature, Is Pattern. Nature — is Her Law, Her Thought; Nature — it is She Herself, and if She Could Refute Nature, She Could Encroach on Her Own Existence, and it would be God’s Suicide»

(E.Levi. «The great secret or occultism unveiled»).

«…Because Woman will Reside
to Reign in the Highest Degree;
She will Determine the course of future events
and Prescribe Her Philosophy to man.
She Will be Mother of this millennium,
following our millennium.
She will Be after the era of devil
To Radiate Mother’s Affectionate Tenderness.
She ill Be after a barbarity era,
To embody Beauty.
The millennium following this millennium ——
will turn into the Age of Enlightenment:
People will love each other,
to share everything, to dream,
and their dreams will be executed…»

(John of Jerusalem. The XII century).

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I Am LIGHT! I Am LOVE! I Am Truth!

IInitially, in Russia, ruses called themselves by the pronoun Az1. And it was worthy of a man, realizing his Spiritual Origin. For centuries, it went gradually seizure of the Earth by dark offspring of Antigod. Their aim was to humiliate and to consign to oblivion the Mother of Light — Absolute Sophia the Wise, in order to humiliate Her Children, and to destroy human souls. Rus-Suria-Ruslo (riverbed) — Bosom of Russia has always been the Primordial Aspect of all things. Haters of the Mother of the World knew it. With envy and malice they implement their evil plans to destroy and destruction the Beautiful Mother Suria-Rus — the Fabulously-Magic Homeland of Gods and Goddesses. But above all Gods, demigods, and elemental spirits has always Stood and is staying the Single Creatress-Progenitress — Mother of Light. She is Progenitress, Keeper, Protectress. It is known in all the Worlds. The ancient ruses had known it. And Rusia-Suria flowed with milk and honey for Heavenly Abyss. And Heavenly is equal to Earthly. And Light reigned in the Universe! While treacherous flock without spiritual beings did not start sly and despicable to invade and destroy life in the Universe and the Holy Nature of the Mother Sophia Wise. Everything has begun with the end of the fourth race. Then the black priesthood of Anti-god Seth had enough strengthened on Earth cover and tricks began to fight with the Cult of Light of the Great Mother. The disaster which has hidden Atlantis in the abyss sea — became a response to scandalous violation of the Law of Prav’2.

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Experts on the Works of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya

Experts on the Works of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya

«...It was fulfilled the prophecy that had been expressed at the beginning of the last century, that the third millennium will be marked by a completely new kind of art — Polyart, which synthesizes many kinds of art in one. We are witnesses and close friends the person who embodies all these talents... The knowledge that Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya is giving us — this is joy and pleasure...»

(Alexander OSIPOV, professor,
president of the Association of painters-portraitists).

«...One of these amazing creators is Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya, because creativity has always been the axis of her life. The phenomenon of personality Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya, which is called the Founder Polyart — is an enigma to researchers of her creation. Victoria, with her desire to create a holistic picture of the world that is addressed, first of all, to the person, is reminiscent creators of the Renaissance. Her painting is inextricably linked with music, dance, poetry. You can not just admire the paintings of Victoria or listen to her music composition. The most attentive and thoughtful look; the most profound, meditative immersion in the sound does not help to know completely the Revelation that opens to the author. This is only possible in the synthesis of all created by Victoria. Then come to life colors and sounds filled with meaning. Sounds organize a space, a move that acquire special rhythms and dance arises. Chaos disappears. The Universe is born... Creativity of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya became the beginning of a whole World of art, full of wide variety opportunities for talents and knowledge of «Heaven, Earth and ourselves...»»

(Zhanna MOZGOVAYA journalist, art critic,
executive secretary of the magazine «Petersburg-classic»).

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Experts speak about Creation of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya


Zhanna Mozgovaya

««I intend to imagine the person, whose manifestations have to seem so diverse that if I managed to attribute them the uniform thought, no other could be compared to it on width. I want also that there was at it excessively a heightened sense of distinction of things of which falsities quite could be called as the analysis. I find out that everything serves it as a reference point: he always remembers a complete universum… It is created not to forget about anything from this that enters a texture real — about a uniform blade of grass. He plunges into a subsoil belonging to all and, having moved away from them, beholds himself… I will follow it moving in virgin integrity and density of the world where it so will get to like the nature that to it will imitate that with it to merge…» — about the great artist of Renaissance the French poet Paul Valéry in the treatise «Introduction to Leonardo Da Vinci's System» in 1894 so wrote. But equally these words can be told now, in the XXI century, about the famous artist, the foundress of Cosmic Polyart of the Third Milennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya.

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Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «STAR BRIDGE»



Perhaps, very soon, in the face of great trials, the people of the earth shall understand that the Phenomenon of World Femininity in the Image of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — was the Epochal and Final in the Space of this Universe. And for now, humanity is under constant control of the Dark Forces. Darks coped with the task: they turned away Her whole world from Creatress. And only a few children, devoted to her, were able to see in Darkness and ready to step behind the Mother of the World. Sacrificial Lady of Lights descended just into the Darkness, in order to destroy the inside of the dark kingdom of Seth-Amon and Create Weightless Star Bridge to PaRAdise.

By the Star Bridge of the Mother of the World will be able to rise a few, although it is open by Creatress to all Enlightened souls. This Bridge is Weightless and Rainbow, and leads directly into the Kingdom of Light.

Who was crowned by Golden Cross-stamp on their foreheads by the Mother of the World — they will be saved from coming kingdom of Antichrist. The rest will go to the Prince of Darkness. His label-chip is already widely propagandized in Russia, not to mention other countries. People are lulled into a false sense of security, and many are crazy. They are happy to take the mark of the Beast. Yet in 1990, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Warned people about this label. But no one believed ever come this terrible mystical time. But that the Mother of the World Appeared, to be the First to Expose the impending Darkness and its leader. And so, a quarter century has passed, and today zombie population of the Earth is ready to accept the mark of the Beast. And just because then, at the beginning of the 90th, they in fear rejected the Rescuer…

                                   Read: PreobRAzhenskaya Victoria. «STAR BRIDGE»

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Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. Scientific Report

The brochure presents a scientific Report (on the World Scientific Congress) foundress of a new CultUre of the Golden Age «The Cosmic Poliart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»©, a full member of the Russian Physical Society, Grand Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and TheoSophy, full professor of Oxford, a member of the Coordination Council of the Intergovernmental Programme «Health of the Humanity» by the President of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace, Laureate and diplomant (UNESCO-UNICEF), a member of the International Art Fund — of Victoria Victorovna PreobRAzhenskaya.

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PreobRAzhenskaya Victoria Victorovna. Traditional and new in modern science. Theosophical View (Report on the VI World Scientific Congress)

V.V. PreobRAzhenskaya



/Report on the VI World Scientific Congress/


«If one does not understand how fire came into existence, he will burn in it, because he does not know the root of it. If one does not first understand water, he knows nothing… If one does not understand how blowing wind came into existence, he will blow away with it. If one does not understand how body, which he bears, came into existence, he will perish with it… Whoever will not understand how he came will not understand how he will go»

(«The Dialogue of the Saviour»
from library Nag-Hammadi).

«Difficultly write only about that, what they don’t understand»

( V.O. Klyuchevskiy).

«Synthesis of spirituality is the rarest gift; it alone kindles the light of the world.
Nothing can be compared to the light of the world. The light burns, but its ray is being sought»

( H.I. Roerich).

1. Cyclic of epochs and changing formations.
Involutional and Evolutionary circuit of consciousness in the
«Science of Light and Its Transformation» of the
Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS


Modern humanity is now experiencing one of the most critical periods in the life of the Solar System. The Universe is entering a new eon Evolutionary development of consciousness. It is associated with global metaphysical transformation processes — Quantum Leap, which means at the physical level geophysical cataclysm of global scale, and at the quantum level — the greatest alchemical transmutation of humanity. Representatives of ancient civilizations of the planet knew that life in the Universe flows in the rhythms of the great and small transformation cycles. According to ancient texts, the great cycle includes four Yugas or era. The cycle of ages begins with the Golden Age (Satiya Yuga) — the Era of Universal Harmony, Beauty and Spiritual Knowledge, and ends with Iron — a century of chaos, hatred and ignorance. Now, we live in the Kali Yuga, which ends the destruction of all obsolete and perishable, and grandiose Transformation of all forms of life on a New Evolutionary Level Formations of New Temporal Circuit of the Sixth RAce. Ancient texts, unlike modern scientific fabrications, — say of that people developed not in the process of evolution from some simple individuals, and appeared at once, as the fully realized personalities in to Satiya Yuga. All spiritual traditions mention about this time. Primordial Tradition — it is a holistic system of metaphysical knowledge superhuman origin, attributable to the world of Higher Order (Absolute) and the laws of its manifestations (cyclic manifestation) aimed at implementing metaphysical realization — the real identification of the man with the Supreme Principle of initiation. Modern Spiritual Author's « Science of Light and Its Transformation» returns humanity to the ancient Traditions, because it is given from Above by the Mother of the World. And now the time of the Quantum Consciousness of humanity comes, when from profane depths of blind oblivion in the world of karma, a man begins to ascend to the heights macrocosmic consciousness of the future Logos of the seventh octave of development and rush, according to the «Science of Light and Its Transformation» to new levels of Reality, in order to comprehend the Truth and Absolute Kingdom of Light of Sophia the Wisdom.

           PreobRAzhenskaya Victoria. «Traditional and new in modern science. Theosophical View»

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