The Third Millenium’ Cosmic Polyart


«The Sacral Book of ISIS» by Victoria PreobRAzhensky

«СофиоЛогия Матери Мира»


Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «LOOK FOR THIS POWER IN YOURSELF»


«And we know throughout the history of mankind that where
the Herald was not accepted or even persecuted, there it is Asked  
from all over the country. The Herald Comes in a difficult hour,      
therefore rejecting him means accepting your full karma. All the     
disasters that befall the country, isn't it a formidable omen?           
The country has chosen the most difficult path, hasn’t it? But what 
is a heavy karma of those who have rejected the help of the Forces
of Light and thus assumed full responsibility for the future»           

(H.I. Roerich. Letters, v.2, p.302. 05/14/1937).

This world has completely outlived itself.. This is already obvious, if only by the way the population of the planet blindly obeys the inhuman, illogical and mentally ill entities that control them and issue the same laws. They — are after Canon. And that's it. Maybe someone will object: they’ll say, we have already awakened. What did you wake up from if you overslept the Epochal Phenomenon of Light on planet Earth and still stay either in patriarchal dogmas or in denial of This Phenomenal Phenomenon? What have you done for your soul to free it from captivity of passions and desires? When the Messiah Came to you to Save your souls, how did you deal with Her? You slandered her, blasphemed her and put her in prison. And those who believed the vicious slander, spreading at the speed of sound everywhere, and remained silent, without defending and upholding the TRUTH, also joined this black action of the dark ones. Appearing from Above in 1990, the Young Beautiful and Pure Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Brought to everyone Unearthly LOVE and FAITH in the GOLD OF LIGHT. What have you done with This Love? You trampled Her into the mud. And the evil that has come into this world today — is the result of your rejection of the Savior, Retribution for your soullessness, blasphemy, callousness, silence and doing nothing to open your heart and the heart of your neighbor. For the Coming Epoch of the Open Heart — Global Femininity, Love and BEAUTY — means pure consciousness and high humanity, first of all. And how many human qualities do you possess today? Try to name consciously at least a few. What defines your humanity? What is the essence of your existence? Yes, Kali Yuga is the time of Darkness. But it is in the Darkness the sprout of life grows. It is in the Darkness the soul matures, constantly suffering and going through a series of mistakes, trials, falls and ups. And this is exactly That point in the Involution of human souls, when the school of life is passed, and a new period of inner thinking and outer mode of action begins. But what is the general picture of the world today on Earth? The majority of the population is experiencing psychosomatic imbalance, prolonged depression and constant fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Who drove you into such a state? Is it not reptilian zombie media that day and night pollute the space with false information, strictly imposed according to a certain pattern, at the behest of those who inspire you with this fear, hopelessness, unbelief, soullessness and pain, right? Exactly. These dark performers-talkers hold the whole world in the grip of deceit. And if they are turned off everywhere, world poisoning government will lose all the ability to control you, imposing something that does not exist a priori. And as long as you are ruled by all sorts of Swabians, Soros and other reptilian entities, fulfilling the will of their insatiable deceitful Prince of Darkness, your life will be like a miserable existence in chains of lies. Who continues to believe in the imposed picture of the world order: in a ball that rotates in a swift whirlwind around the Sun? In wars that supposedly take place to defend their lands or independence? The fact that the «good uncle» is about to appear and save everyone?

Wake up, finally! This world was finally captured in the nineteenth century, when artifacts and buildings of the former powerful, cultural and highly ecological, in every sense of the word, civilization of the rus-aryans were destroyed everywhere. When true HIsTory was rewritten and controlled patriarchal religions were introduced: distorted and emasculated, without the Fundamental Feminine Principle. And the result of your current forgetfulness and unawareness of the Truth is — precisely passive doing nothing, cynicism, voluntary and involuntary consumerism of everything at once. You — are those who have repeatedly incarnated at the key moments of HIsTory, because in this last time those who have come to Earth have to work out their karma completely, or go down to the lower layers of the tiers for further correction. And therefore you are those who silently looked at the crucifixion of Jesus Christos, and those who silently empathized with Him; you are those who were silent when the destruction of a single CultUre and Language was going on, or went to execution, resisting the villainy of the dark ones. You are those who silently watched or participated in the persecution of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS by all possible means, or those who continued to believe in Her. You are those who silently continue to look at the adoption of anti-human laws by non-humans and the deprivation of your last rights and freedoms... This is how fear purposefully seizes souls, fetters them and makes them dependent on conditions and circumstances, on the time in which you live. And that is why the invaders of the Earth artificially send to you the «horsemen of the ApoCALYpse», who are so obedient to them and act on their first signal. And you continue to believe in the inevitability of the prescribed biblical events, without trying to change them. Although everything in this world comes from the intention of those who rule this world. Now the world is ruled by the dark ones. For, the masses have rejected their Savior. And they continue to wait for someone else who will come to them with this Mission. No one will come to rescue you. You missed this chance. Only the Prince of Darkness will appear. Maybe, also His Princess, who will together enslave your souls completely. The Forces of Light headed by the Mother of the Universe Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — SOTHIs-Sophia — Yielded this right to them. For their time has come: to test all souls for Loyalty and Love. But, for some reason, human qualities are becoming less and less. The spirit of malice, the thirst for profit and exorbitant pride — more and more absorbs the hearts of living on Earth. Someone takes your souls to the cold astral plane, teeming with demons, and someone — immediately to Hell. And therefore, it will be exactly like this: Darkness will more and more absorb human consciousness until the true Warriors of Light, Servants of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, rise from the unspiritual darkness. For, you are those who live in constant fear, which means that you are slaves of fear, sown by world evil. And only a fearless brave knight of the Light Spirit will be able to defeat this insidious Darkness inside and outside. Look for this power in yourself, open your heart, look at the root! Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS HAVE DONE EVERYTHING for your open vision, spiritual rebirth and ascension into the Light: the Golden Age CultUre «Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya» © — is a New PaRAdigm of human thinking and being. Just absorb and be aware! And your heart will open like a white lotus, and your soul will ascend to the Open Heavens. But this CultUre — is Elitist, and not for the gray mass, trampling on everything pure and original. For, the path to the Kingdom of Heaven is narrow, but the road to Hell is wide. Therefore, only those who are thirsty to feed on the True Light-Fohat of the Primordial Source of the Mother of the World will gain sight and Save themselves from the Darkness of ignorance, illusory, soulless electronic-digital slavery imposed by the dark ones, reject the networks of the Beast and its mark of three sixes and become immortal. At the last moment, Salvation will Come to the faithful and devoted to their Savior. Let there be Light, Love, Goodness! All Glory to the Mother of the Universe, to Her Golden CHRIST Light! URA! AUM RA! Jaya Shri Matripadma! OM!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya    

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