The Third Millenium’ Cosmic Polyart


«The Sacral Book of ISIS» by Victoria PreobRAzhensky

«СофиоЛогия Матери Мира»


Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. «THE BASIC MYSTERY»

The Living Word of the Mother of the World


«Ибо по ОбРАзу Духа Небес                   
Мать СОТкала Свой Свет.                  
Тайной Креста, Вспышкой Словес     
Зашифровала Ответ.                           
Тот, кто Эту Тайну поймёт,             
станет подобен Мне,                           
смерть потеряет, а Жизнь обретёт
и возпылает вдвойне!»                         

(Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.                     
«Mystery of the Light», Fragment, 13.09.2001).

I Bring you back to the Source again. This is — the Source of Light. It is the Source of the Living Water, from Which all who thirst for knowledge of the Truth drink. For almost 32 years I Have been Bringing this Knowledge to the world, but only the sighted, who are few today, can see, hear and understand My Word.

Whoever has a clear mind, think about the deception that the invaders of the Earth have imposed on the whole world since the 16th century, when a distorted fake of the world order was accepted instead of the true picture of the world. The dark ones have made a fundamental change and fooled the entire population of the Earth. Instead of the geocentric system, the heliocentric system was presented, although all previous generations knew this, even the ancient maps of the world remained. The rejection of the Triune Bhagavana-Mother and the belittling of the Sacred Feminine Principle was the beginning of the end of this civilization. That is why in the gloomy middle ages the «holy inquisition» was so vicious, burning educated women at the stake, classifying them as «witches» and sorceresses. Then the true meaning of the words was replaced, and all the manuscripts, valuable books and artifacts were hidden in the deep vaults of the Vatican. Witch — is literally: the knowing mother. It was the frantic fear of educated women, who know the nature of nature, who know every blade of grass, that have the magical qualities of healing and reviving the dead, falling into lethargy in order to be reborn, — that forced the fathers-popes of the Vatican to hide the Sacred Knowledge about the Triune Mother of the World, Her Powerful Spiritual Force and the true hIsTory of the Earth from mere mortals. And this was the main reason for the redistribution of the world under the brutal patriarchy. Everyone who wakes up from the age-old deception must finally understand that all the world's evil is based on the humiliation of the Sacred Feminine Principle of the Triune Mother-RADANA.

Just think about it: why did the world religions put the Father and the Son at the forefront, hiding from everyone the Basis of Life — the Mother? How can a man become a father without a wife-mother? This is a priori impossible. For, as above, so below. The principle of similarity — is the basic principle of the Structure of the System of the Universe. How could a father have a son, if without a mother this will never happen? Only a mother gives birth to a child, but not a father, even if he is about seven spans in his forehead. Have you ever thought about this lie exposed to everyone? Apparently not, if you still continue to live in an obvious deception. Take, for example, the fanatical worship of Shivlingam in India. Everyone worships the male erogenated organ of reproduction, not noticing that it is based on the yoni, and it arose precisely because of its Shakti energy.

Even in a moment of danger or pain, a person always calls only «mother». They even always said: «Oh, my moms!». Well, they didn’t mention «father» or «daddy» in any way. And this is because at the level of the soul and subconsciousness, the eternal memory of the Primordial Mother of all Existing is preserved. Great She always Stood at the Head of all Existing, at the head of the corner, family, state. Her Images are preserved everywhere, although the black priests of Seth have done everything possible to hide Her from the world. Therefore, everyone turns to some impersonal and nameless «father» for help in prayers, without even thinking about his name. And at the end of the prayer «Our Father» the name sounds: Amen — Amon. Under the guise of «Amon» hides the fratricide Seth. And all your prayers and wishes go to him. And for a whole century you have been praying and strengthening the egregor of this dark force, which controls your souls and consciousness. It is no coincidence that Jesus, Addressing the Jews, Said: «You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies» (John 8;44).

Think about it, isn't a mother for everyone that armor and shield who takes on any pain or hardship of her child? Even as adults, whitened with gray hairs, you still turn first of all to your mother and return to her as the source of your peace and love. This is the closest and dearest person that everyone has. So is it really still not clear that it was the black priests of Seth who humiliated, slandered and concealed the Supreme Mother of the World? For This Is the True Protector of every soul, the Heavenly Armor of all Existing. And it is to Her that it is necessary to turn for Spiritual Help in this deadly-dangerous hour for humanity. But few people know the Truth about Her. The Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Affirms the Truth and the Return of the Sacred Feminine Beginning to humanity with Her Whole Life. But the Savior of human souls — is accepted by the few who recognized Her. And the deceived majority — rejects and fears. How strong is patriarchal hypnosis and oblivion, if even the Trinity, in the understanding of the Orthodox, is a masculine image in the person of the «Father», «Son» and «Holy Spirit»? And it never doesn't come to mind to anyone: where is SHE, the Foundation of Life and the Holy Family, the Mother of all Existing? THAT, Who, with Her Thought, Light and Flesh, Gave birth to all living things in the Universe. Without Her there would be not only the Son, but also the Father. It was the «Trinity» that since ancient times in Rus was called BAGARADA-Mother Sophia-Maria. In their delusion, people consider the Heavenly Father to be the Absolute. And this is because the patriarchs of this world inspired them to do so. How can the Father be the Absolute, if he is only a half-Masculine Beginning of the One Mother of Light, from Whom he Manifested? The Absolute — is, first of all, the Unity of the Two Beginnings: Male and Female. This is Ardhanarishvara, or Ein-Sof (Unmanifested Unified Sophia Wisdom). This Dual Unity of the Beginnings is Hidden in the Primordial Mother of the Universe. She is Mother-Darkness (Mat’-T’ma — in Russian), in Whom is EVERYTHING and Nothing! Having poured out from Herself a Fohatic Stream of Light, She Divided into Her Two Beginnings-Halves: Mother and Father, Who CREATED all Existing. The Father in relation to the Primordial Absolute Essence of the Great Mother-RADANA is Her Son. And Mother — is a Daughter. Manifested on Earth — the Son Horus, or Jesus Christ — the Same As Father Osiris, and He Addresses the Holy Spirit, i.e. to the All-Existing Mother, Who GAVE Birth to Him in Spirit and Truth. Remember the Words of Jesus about the Holy Spirit: «…every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven; whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the one to come» (Matthew 12;32, 33). The Holy Spirit — is the Triune Mother of Light. And to blaspheme Her — is to deny your life. And this is understandable: you cannot deny your essence and Nature, thanks to the Spiritual Power of Which you were born from your earthly mother. Therefore, the earthly mother is always revered and so dearly loved by you. From the male seed, new life is not always born in the body of a woman. It is she who creates her own child, nourishing him with her thought, blood and spirit. And it depends on her: whether the child will be born, whom she gives birth in torment and pain. Here is a hidden secret for you, which is in front of everyone, but which the blinds cannot reveal in any way. Mother — is the foundation of your life and love imbibed with her milk. Animals understand this, for they live in the essence of nature. Especially cats are very caring mothers, tigresses, and elephants raise their children in a matriarchal community, never leaving their baby elephant for a single step. All of this — is Nature's Law. And the instinct of motherhood is inherent in every woman. There is only one mother, but there can be many fathers. Because in the very nature of a man, completely different functions are laid down (zalozheny — in Russian — za lozhem zheny — behind the bed of his wife). Modern patriarchal cults not only praise the «fathers» by worshiping them, but also give them all the original female functions. For example, the Slavs today worship «Rod», praising him. What does «Rod» mean? Is this the one who gave birth, like the old testament «fathers»: «Abraham begat Isaac, Isaac begat Jacob, Jacob begat Judah and his brothers…» (Matt. 1;2)? This is as unnatural as the fact that a rooster lays chicken eggs. The Real Name of the Founder: RADA — Giving Light, Giving Joy RADAna-Mother — the Power That Gives Birth, wrapping in Her fleshy-dense shrouds-bodies — human bioclothing. And it's time to accept our Rejected (otVERZHENnuyu — ot Very Zheny (from the Faith of the Wife)) Mother of the World, without whose Spirit even an earthly child is not born. For Motherhood — is the Fundamental Principle of Life. And the one who rejects the Supreme Mother of the World — rejects Life Itself. The result of everything that is happening today is a patriarchal distorting that has circumcised the consciousness and trampled on the Spirit of Truth and Eternal Life. And the rejection of the Mother of the World, Manifested to Save your souls from age-old ignorance. Since ancient times, Male and Female, left and right were a single whole, and the world was fed by the Goodness and Gracious Power of the Consubstantial BAGARADana-Mother — the Absolute Energy of the Holy Spirit. All the names of the Male Hypostases of Sophia the Wise — are once Female Names. The Source of Light — is the Great SHE, about the Appearance of Which at the end of time was announced in all the scriptures of the world.

Appearing at the end of the twentieth century, the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — Fulfilled Her Primal Mission — Revealed the Light of Truth and BEAUTY of the World Femininity, in Which the Light and Darkness, Earthly and Heavenly, Male and Female, Father and Mother, Isis and Osiris, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene Closed together in a Single Whole. For the Manifested CHRISTOS-Sophia is a Sign for all tribes and peoples: «And the Great Sign Appeared in Heaven: a Woman Clothed in the Sun; under Her Feet is the Moon, and on Her Head is a crown of twelve stars» (Rev. 12;1).

Only to those who have been Revealed by the Holy Spirit — This Inner KNOWLEDGE, It is Given to understand and Know RA — the Light of the Primordial Mother of the Universe, Who Descended at the end of time to the center of Rus: to Protect Your children from the evil of the world, to Show them the True Path to the Imperishable Light and the Supermundane Creative LOVE.

All Glory to the Great Mother of the World, Her Spiritual Power and BEAUTY, Which Will Save the World! URA! AUM RA!

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya


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